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Footbik is a one of a kind soccer center for early development utilizing our unique methods of physical, personal, intellectual and social development training

Our development programs were designed by the TSM Academy, a Dutch method of learning through soccer. Children under the age of 7 years old are considered to be in the "sensitive age", the one and only period in our lives that offers a maximum level of developmental possibilities. Footbik not only teaches children how to play soccer, it acts as an early development system, utilizing soccer as the main educational and pedagogic tool.
During our training sessions, technical soccer mastery is not our only focus. Our lessons promote personal skills growth as well, teaching children an ambitiousness to succeed, a sense of responsibility, and independence. Your child will learn how to overcome obstacles and accomplish goals without giving up, the importance of discipline, and assiduousness. They will develop a strong belief in themselves and their own power, paving a way for future success not only on the field, but in everyday life.



Ages 1.5 to 3 Years

Footbik.Baby is the most unique soccer program in America. It supports the physical, psychological, and motor skills development for kids ages 1.5 to 3.

Way of the Champion

Ages 3 to 7 Years

The Way of the Champion program is based on the European method of teaching through soccer - the Total Soccer Method. This is our cumulative program, created to develop not only developmental components, but technical soccer abilities as well.


Ages 3 to 7 Years

Footbik's TechnoSoccer program is focused on developing technical soccer skills. The advancement of the skills will influence better developmental capabilities as well, bringing us closer to our goal of promoting a happy, healthy, and self-confident individual.

Footbik PRO IYUP

Ages 3 to 7 Years

Students will learn to master some of the greatest soccer techniques used by the world's soccer superstars. Each lesson in this program is dedicated to teaching a specific skill.


Ages 3 to 7 Years

Our SmartSoccer program focuses more on intellectual capabilities. Here we are developing right and left brain synchronization, better coordination, quick thinking and decisiveness, all through various brain training exercises.


Ages 3 to 7 Years

This program is an additional and advanced soccer training course which aims to primarily enhance the creative and intellectual abilities of children. They will face the need to make decisions, assess effectiveness and plan the next move.